Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award 2016: Arthur B. Lafferfeatured

The Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 goes to the “Father of Supply Side Economics”, the visionary of a tax policy that promotes entrepreneurship and rewards individual performance: On December 5th 2016, Arthur B. Laffer will be awarded within the framework of a celebration event in the Looshaus (1010 Vienna, Michaelerplatz 3). Prof. Laffer proved with

30 Nov 2016

Free Market Road Show 2017: “The World after Brexit and Trump”

“May you live in interesting times”, as the old Chinese curse goes. Europe and the rest of the world are definitely going through one of the most interesting periods of political upheaval since the fall of the Berlin wall. We now live in an era where the unthinkable happens, repeatedly. Take Britain’s decision to withdraw

02 Dec 2016

The future of OPEC

by Frank Umbach In the era of conventional oil, countries made decisions based on prices above $100 per barrel. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), led by Saudi Arabia, essentially set the global oil price. Now, it is shale oil production in the United States that determines prices. Diverging geopolitical interests among OPEC’s members

29 Nov 2016
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